Why VoIP providers need to improve their tools and how do they do it using aëro

In challenging times, in order to maintain quality of service and reduce costs, aro can offer a solution to keep up with the market's needs and grow. Learn how other companies are doing it using aëro

Regardless how small your market is or which business model you are implementing aëro can adapt.
Change to “in cloud” paradigm, allow us to present new creative solutions, not available before.
aëro is built on top of this paradigm, technically and commercially, so forth, can offer effective tools you can use, to generate an immediate change on your business.


In which areas of my company aëro can present an innovative solution?

Improve your commercial development, increase customer retention and communicate with your customer efficiently

  • You can define creative services, knowing aëro can manage it on the technical side

  • Your customer will have a portal to report calls, make payments, request new services or even open a trouble ticket with the technical department.

  • In order to be competitive, you need to offer new products, but also you need a platform on the back-end to support them:

    • Invoice for customizable services

    • Free minutes packages

    • Special minutes packages, with free minutes to some destinations or conditions

    • Customizable minutes reload, on the customer side

    • Flexible Rate management, supporting promotions by day or even time-ranges


Solve the following technical procedures, improve the quality and reduce costs

  • With aëro you can define customer specific routes, allowing the technical model to adapt to the commercial one.

  • You will know in real-time, traffic statistics by provider, client, disconnection cause, without having the staff overhead

  • aëro will send alerts to your engineers, if any parameter defined is out of bounds, as ASR, ACD, PDD, active calls, etc.

  • With aëro you will be able to check ports utilization. Now you graph your traffic peak time and know exactly how many ports you need.

  • Having a tool managing traffic statistics, real-time routing, monitoring and customer authentication control, will allow you to reduce costs and the overhead to control your operation.


How you can improve your revenues and reduce infrastructure investment

  • To start, aëro will allow you to narrow the infrastructure investment and project a sustainable growth:

    • No need for up-front investment in servers, Switches, Internet connectivity, monitoring software, billing software, etc.

    • You can re-direct this investment into commercial and marketing development, to improve your revenues

  • With aëro you pay the infrastructure you use. Our platform provides flexibility, without big investments based on projections. You grow your infrastructure at the same phase your business grows.

  • aëro you will be able to control due accounts, revenue values and graphs, provider costs, profit & loss per customer and much more.

  • Now you can focus on commercial development with the peace of mind that the technical part is covered.


How aëro can be implemented on your company, without affecting the regular business operation?

aëro can be implementedon your company, without changing your business plan or regular Operations.
Our “in cloud” solution allows you to configure the platform with your company parameters, then define customers, rates, routing, alerts, etc., and last, you can migrate the production traffic.
Our infrastructure provides a simple way of performing compatibility tests; check the rates and routing in real-time. Once all the configurations are done, you can start your production traffic.
The migration to aëro will have minor differences on the retail or wholesale business:

  • In retail operations, the last step is to migrate access numbers (from your 800 provider) and registrar servers (in case you have IP-PBX functionalities or SIP traffic)

  • In wholesale operations, you configure the system, and then inform the customers the new IP to send traffic to.