Starting-up your VoIP business?
You are not alone

"aëro InCloud Hosted VoIP Platform is the most cost effective solution available today"
Carlos Carranza, USA Teleport (Florida EE.UU.)

aëro On-Demand, delivers real-time telecom services with cloud scalability.
Pay-as-you-grow pricing helps you avoid costly initial infrastructure investments. Focus on your company's growth, and we will focus on your network and platform needs.

  • aëro Session Border Controller
    • Access a full suite of best of breed business related tools
    • Dynamic Routing, Testing, LCR, LRN
    • QoS reporting and alerting system
    • Load Balancing with designed switch redundancy

  • aëro Billing Platform
    • Next generation billing system that is easy to use
    • Trouble-Ticket System, Minute Plans, Additional Service, Dynamic Invoicing, Low Credit Cap alerting and more
    • Full set of reports
    • Redundant set up for zero data loss

Why do other companies use aëro?

How aëro brings value if you are starting a VoIP business? Below 5 important reasons from aëro users:

  1. Short time to market. Our clients are  able to start selling their product in matter of days.
  2. Zero start up  investments. The initial  capital can be used for growth not infrastructure.
  3. Low support cost.  No need to hire an engineering team, when you have aëro.
  4. aëro's best of breed tools together with our intuitive interface minimizes the learning curve
  5. Scalability, Scalability, Scalability! Pay as you GROW!


Which technological aspects of aëro have made this platform the first choice, for niche of new and medium VoIP Companies?

  • Ability to define different routes for clients, hunt-stop options, failover, LCR, LRN and more

  • Friendly Interfaces for administrators, technicians, resellers and customers. Each entity has a tool to perform the job efficiently.

  • aëro can generate real-time statistics, allowing being proactive and not reactive on quality issues.

  • The platform has of a solid cluster of switches on the back end, allowing users to quickly increase ports in Aëro.

  • Integration of information is fundamental. Define a supplier, assign a price list to manage costs, then define a route with this provider and assign it to a client. A complex task that in aëro does not take more than 5 minutes

  • aëro handles high volume processes, like invoicing, in a fast and effective manner. Through this back-end, the platform performs customer billing, sends alerts and reports.

  • aëro is the result of 10 years of research, development and tests in different scenarios. We know exactly what the challenges are in VoIP business and we offer the right tools to overcome them.


What kind of cost savings should I expect by implementing aëro?

One of the most critical challenges in a company is the initial investment for the start-up and the investment for the company growth.

Including aëro in your business model will help to decrease the infrastructure investment, and redirect resources for marketing and sales,where you company will generate revenues.
Implementing aëro into your business will allow you to use a very expensive infrastructure, for a low monthly payment. This will help to reduce costs and reutilize technical structure.


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aëro's business model provides the entire infrastructure to carry out your VoIP business, at a monthly fee per port

As an example, if you have a retail VoIP company, and you need 100 ports (with retail functionality and CAT5), you contract Aëro with 100 ports.

When your business grows, and you need 500 ports to satisfy the market, you only hire the remaining ports needed. Simple!